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Pocky & Rocky  SNES Cartridge.  SNS-KK-USA.  Has been tested.   Cartridge only.

With its large characters, rich graphics, two-player simultaneous mode, and Japanese sensibilities, Pocky & Rocky is reminiscent of Legend of the Mystical Ninja. However, gameplay is of the overhead shooter variety (as opposed to side-scrolling combat), the action moves at a more constant rate, and there're a larger variety of enemies (including zombies, skeletons and animated umbrellas) to battle. Players control a boy or a raccoon through six linear levels (castles, villages, forests, and the like), each with a boss to defeat. Moves include throwing cards and leaves in rapid-fire fashion, sliding into or bombing enemies, and executing a number of attacks at close range (such as Rocky's tail attack). Pocky & Rocky is challenging, despite its use of unlimited continues.


Pocky & Rocky SNES Game

$200.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
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