Petz Puppyz & Kittens for Nintendo DS.  Game only.  Has been tested.


Precious puppies and cuddly kitties are ready to be groomed, bathed, fed, and entertained in this entry in Ubisoft's Petz series. Breeds such as boxers and Russian Blue kittens will exhibit different personalities as you get to know them, and you'll be able to learn each pet's favorite toy and food in your quest to become the perfect parent. Participate in a variety of hands-on activities with your pets and you'll unlock exclusive creatures for use in Petz World, an online game that has children guiding their favorite Petz in exotic areas around the world to rescue animals in need.


  • Care for and bond with puppy and kittens - Groom, bathe and feed these precious little animals to help them grow and become friends.
  • Adopt all-new breeds of puppy and kittens - Play with unique breeds such as a boxer puppy or a Russian Blue kitten and choose different puppy and kitten breeds to play together.
  • Discover your puppies' and kittens' personalities - As you nurture and bond with them, they learn what their favorite foods and toys are.
  • Help your puppy and kittens bond by playing activities – Interact with your pets like never before to keep them happy and playing together.
  • Unlock exclusive content on Pets World - By playing Pets Puppy and Kittens on the Nintendo DS, players can unlock exclusive breeds in the Pets virtual world, Pets World.



Petz Puppyz & Kittenz DS Game

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